Our life-skills program provide a social outlet whilst also learning skills that will help you find a job.

Our programs are run by qualified staff who are also experienced in working with people with disabilities. 

Our programs are also designed to give you hands-on practical experience, be it changing a tyre on a car, or grinding beans to make a coffee. 

YOU CAN START IN OUR PROGRAMS AT ANY TIME.... You don't need to wait for the next intake date. START NOW!





You are supported one to one, to promote self paced learning. You will learn skills from our trained barista and hospitality staff such as:

* make a range of hot and cold beverages

* learn how to operate a commercial coffee machine

* fundamentals of espresso shots

* food handling and food safety

* Latte art

* Money handling 

* First aid Certificate. 

Sessions are 3 hours in duration and weekly. Transport is available if required. 

Self and plan managed participants only. 

Transport cost are extra.


Supported by you own one to one mentor, in a small group environment our program is designed by our qualified Mechanic staff and Support workers. This hand on learning program will introduce you to:

* Basic motor mechanics

* How to service a car

* Learn about different tools and equipment

* Basic road safety

* Workshop safety

Sessions are weekly, and either 3 or 6 hours in duration (plus transports if required - Gold Coast only)

Self and plan managed participants only.

Lunch is provided free of charge for participants involved for 4 hours or more.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.