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Our Camping experience are 1 to 1 only and designed for people who don't like big groups.

Activities can change from depending on ages and interests of the participants, but for younger children we generally stay where there are established toilet and shower facilities.

Our weekends are a little unstructured, allowing us to set the pace that best suits everyone involved. Activities vary from highly physical to those that are a bit more calming/settling (such as wander around a park or gardens or visit a small historical museum etc.).

The cost of the weekends are inclusive of all transports (we pick up and drop home), food, accommodation, entry/activities fees etc.) There are no out of pocket expenses except for personal spending money.

*Multiple locations across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.
*One to one respite only, unless it’s a sibling group.
*Outdoor activities include swimming, fishing, stand up paddle board, enjoying the local gardens and parks, all whilst maintaining social distancing. 
*Indoor activities include cooking, movies, gaming, board games, arts & crafts.

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